Toyohara Kunichika

Kunichika_Magic_in_12_Signs_Zodiac_TigerWelcome to the new website devoted to the work of the great Japanese woodblock print artist Toyohara Kunichika. The site was launched on the 7th September 2012 in skeleton form; over the coming months we will be adding series and prints on a weekly basis and expanding the article base and other features. In time we hope that the site will be the most comprehensive database on the web for Kunichika's work.

Kunichika.net is wholly supported by the Toshidama Gallery. The gallery sells prints by Kunichika and other ukiyo-e artists and there is a large back catalogue of woodblock prints for sale and for reference. Aside from the gallery, Toshidama also runs a Wordpress Blog and an Eblogger site which each carry articles and related information on Japanese woodblock prints. Please contact us if you have suggestions or amendments or if you have prints that you do not see in the series categories. Contributions of articles or links are also welcome.